3 Cleaning Tips Designed to Help You Get Back Your Entire Security Deposit

24 November 2015
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When your lease is up, not only do you have to find a new apartment, but you have to come up with the cash to facilitate the move. The cost of the first and last months' rent can be quite expensive, but you can make things simpler on yourself if you get your entire security deposit returned to you. The only way that you will get your full security deposit back after your lease is up is if your entire apartment is clean and in the same condition as when property was rented to you. Beyond hiring professional cleaning services, you can follow a few tips designed to leave your apartment looking in great condition for when your landlord does a walkthrough.

Carpet Stains

The carpets that line the floors are going to be a major concern for landlords. This means that you not only need to make sure that all carpets are cleaned and freshly vacuumed, but that all stains are removed. Removing stains from your carpet is possible with a little bit of effort. You can make your own homemade carpet cleaning solution using dishwashing liquid, warm water and white vinegar. This should be powerful enough to get rid of most carpet surface stains. If you have a wine or juice stain that is especially difficult to get out, you can use club soda until you can blot the carpet clean.

Patching Holes

It is possible that you have put a few holes in the wall to anchor your television screens. This is true of both your living space and bedroom, in most cases. These might not be large holes, but they should still be addressed before you move. You can patch these holes using putty and sandpaper. Just be sure to paint the walls the same color. You can take a chip of paint to the local hardware store and they can match it exactly. Your landlord will not be able to notice where the anchor holes were originally located.

Oven Cleaning

Many tenants clean the outside of the oven and expect that this is sufficient enough, but landlords will charge you to have the inside of the oven cleaned. Cleaning the inside of the oven can be easy if you are sure to heat the oven for less than a half hour before you begin scrubbing. Let the oven cool down a little before you begin cleaning, but you want it to still be warm. Baking soda is the best way to get rid of oven stains. Mix some baking soda with water to create a paste-like solution that you can apply to the inside of the oven. You can let the solution sit for a few minutes before you begin scrubbing away the grease and grime.

If you need more help, hire an end of lease cleaning service.