How to Keep Your Office Clean and Green

22 April 2016
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When you are a business owner, you have to juggle hundreds of responsibilities all at once. Your fundamental priority is to bring in a profit, but there are many factors that play into your ability to bring in revenue. You need to have a pleasant working space for your employees, and you need to make sure that they healthy so they can work to maximum productivity. Both of these things hinge on how clean and green your office space is. A well maintained, green office space is going to be a more pleasant space to work in, and employees won't inhale and ingest horrible toxins and chemicals that can compromise their health.

Stick to eco carpet cleaning

Carpets are something that can easily harbour dust and germs, but for a welcoming receptions area, carpet is an ideal choice. You'll need to make sure that your carpet is cleaned regularly to remove the dust and bacteria (particularly if you have asthmatic employees) but many carpet cleaning companies use chemical products, and this is a no-go if you want to maintain an eco-friendly office. An eco carpet cleaning company, however, should use all organic, natural products, and processes like steaming to remove dirt.

Maintain air quality

You should do all that you can to ensure that your colleagues are breathing in fresh and clean air while sitting at their desks. Again, this is particularly important if you have asthmatic employees. First of all, it's important to take care of major things like asbestos inspections before you even sign on the odtted line for your commercial rented space. But beyond this, you can do things like keeping plants and flowers around the office to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, and air conditioning systems should be assessed regularly to make sure they are pumping out clean, filtered air.

Update your office furniture

You may not think that your office furniture affects the green credentials of your office atmosphere all that much. Furniture foam and some older furniture, however, can contain Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). These are flame retardants so they serve a functional purpose, but they also release chemicals that interfere with normal hormonal activity. A connection between cancer and PBDEs is also being investigated.

It can also be worth setting up some training and best practices for your employees so that everyone is on the same page with keeping your office clean and green. Good luck with your growing business!