How to Care For Your Bamboo Flooring

25 April 2016
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Bamboo flooring is a great way to have more eco-friendly flooring that costs less than hardwood but has many of the same benefits. While it is often considered a low-maintenance flooring option, that doesn't mean you should ignore proper cleaning and care. Here are some basic maintenance tips for bamboo flooring.

Keep Dirt and Debris to a Minimum

The first thing you should do when taking care of your bamboo flooring is to keep it clean on a regular basis. This will help prevent dirt buildup that becomes more difficult to clean later on. To do this, sweep and vacuum the floor as often as you can. You may have some days where you want to sweep it multiple times in a day, such as after coming home from the beach and having sand inside or when your kids track dirt inside from the yard. Dirt particles can build up and lead to scratching of the surface, so regular cleaning is very important to maintaining the overall look and quality of bamboo flooring.

Know What Products Not to Use

The cleaning products that are appropriate for bamboo flooring are similar to other types of hardwood floors. You should stick to cleaning products specifically labeled for wood flooring. Make sure none of the cleaning agents contain acrylic, wax, detergent, bleach or ammonia. You also don't want cleaning products with polish or oil soap, in addition to not using vinegar and other cleaning agents with a lot of acid in them. Make sure you don't wax your hardwood floors or attempt to use sponges that are abrasive.

Use Rugs to Protect the Flooring

Another good option for your bamboo flooring is to protect it with area rugs. These can be used for multiple purposes, from reducing dirt and mud being tracked in to protecting the flooring from furniture. It is highly recommended that you have a rug underneath heavy furniture that might otherwise cause damage to the flooring, such as underneath sofas and beds. You can also use rugs in high-traffic areas, like hallways, to reduce fading and wear in these areas. Have small rugs in front of all doors that lead outside so that mud isn't tracked inside. However, make sure you don't use rugs that have backings made of vinyl or rubber, since these increase moisture and cause damage to the bamboo flooring.

You might also want to have the bamboo flooring professionally cleaned and sealed routinely. This will protect its surface from damage, wear and fading over time. For more tips about keeping your floor clean, contact a domestic cleaning service.