3 Things That Will Dirty Your Carpet and How You Can Deal With Them

19 May 2016
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Cleaning your carpet is essential to keep it sparkling at all times. However, it is quite challenging to maintain your carpet's sparkle after it has been cleaned. Foot traffic and spilling beverages among others are just among the few things that will make you spend heavily on cleaning the carpet frequently. The good thing is that there are easy ways of dealing with some of these dirtying agents, enabling you to keep the carpet clean for longer. Here they are some of the dirtying agents that you can comfortably handle:

Desk Chairs 

If you have desk chairs with castor wheels, then your carpet is bound to get dirty very often. First, the wheels dig into the carpet and rub dust into the fabric every time you roll the desk chair back and forth. Secondly, the lubricant placed on the chair's wheels and its swivel points is also another dirtying agent for your carpet. After being used for a long time, the lubricant can dry up and flake off the chair. This leaves a black powder that can easily induce a nasty stain on your carpet. For this reason, you should get a chair mat that will protect the carpet from the dust, grease and flaking lubricant.

Dry Chewing Gum

Certainly, the chewy, sticky mess from chewed gum isn't good if it finds its way to the carpet. When it dries up, the gum holds onto the fabric and you could easily chip it if you don't remove the dry gum carefully. Thankfully, you can easily do it using a few ice cubes and a sharp blade. Put the ice cubes on the dry gum for a short while. This makes the gum frozen solid. Thereafter, lift the dry glob of gum using a spoon and cut the strands holding onto the gum with a sharp blade. The cut should be made very close to the glob to preserve as much carpet material as possible.

Liquid Spillages

If beverages and coloured liquids such as juice spill onto the carpet, it is prudent to get rid of them before they dry up. However, the way you handle a fresh spill marks the difference between enlarging the stain or getting rid of it successfully. The secret is to bloat the stain by soaking the area with a wet cloth while pressing against it gently. You should bloat from the outside of the stain to prevent it from spreading. Lastly, don't rub the stain because it makes the stain particles to get into the carpet's fibres, interfering with texture when the spill dries up.