Need Your Office Cleaned? 3 Considerations When Finalising Your Office Cleaning Contract

23 May 2016
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If you're planning to hire a professional office cleaning company to manage your commercial property needs, you must understand all aspects involved when preparing the contract. This smart preparation will help you circumvent the element of surprise regarding roles and responsibilities of your office cleaning company. This guide equips you with nifty considerations when finalising your office cleaning contract.

Stipulate The Services Offered By The Cleaners For Your Office In Writing

The best thing to do is to stipulate the services offered by the office cleaning company for your commercial property in writing because this eliminates any confusion when it comes to expectations. For instance, you may make the mistake of assuming that the office cleaning company will deep clean your carpets using a hot water extraction method, but the professionals may have only accommodated for a basic vacuuming in their quote. This could raise multiple problems while the office cleaning process is going on. To avoid this confusion, get all services for the quoted price in writing.

Finalise The Price Based On All Services Offered

Many office cleaning companies offer customised packages for specific jobs, while others offer comprehensive solutions covering all aspects of cleaning offices. You will need to establish all jobs that make sense to you before approving the costs from your office cleaning budget. For instance, a comprehensive package may include items like carpet cleaning and power window washing. If you don't have a carpeted office and if the existing building contractor gets your windows washed separately anyway, then you're better off choosing a customised package based on your specific needs. It will turn out to be far more cost effective in the long run. If the comprehensive package meets all your needs, then it may be a cost effective solution for you.

Establish Cleaning Products And Timeframe

Your office cleaning contract should ideally specify the type of cleaning products to be used by the cleaners. It should also stipulate whether the company brings the cleaning products or whether you need to stock the necessary supplies on your own. If certain types of products are required for proper cleaning within your premises, then this should ideally be specified in the agreement. For instance, if your office stipulates the use of environmentally friendly products, then you must ensure that the cleaners follow these guidelines within the contract. If you want your office cleaned only at certain times of the day, be sure to get that included in the contract too.

Follow these key considerations before you finalise your office cleaning contract.