Carpet Stain Removers -- 5 Household Products That Work

25 May 2016
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So, somebody has dropped something that stains your favourite rug. Before you run out to the shop looking for a specialist stain remover, look for these 5 things you may have around the home that may be able to remove the stain.  


As surprising at it may seem, beer can work well for lifting tea and coffee stains from your carpet or rug. Pour beer over the stain and rub it in gently. Soak up the excess beer using a towel. If the stain remains, repeat the process as many times as necessary until the stain is gone.

Baking Soda

For removing urine or vomit stains from your carpet or rug, baking soda works a dream. It will help clean and sanitise the area as well as counteract the foul smell. Once you've cleaned up as much as you can from your rug using soap and water, sprinkle baking soda directly on top of the stain. Pat the powder into the stain and allow it to sit until the area is dry. Vacuum up the remaining dried soda and the area should look and smell clean.


For dreaded ink stains on your rug or carpet, reach for cornstarch. Create a paste made out of cornstarch and milk, spread over the ink stain and leave for a few hours. When the mixture has dried, brush off the dried concoction and vacuum the remaining residue up.   

Cornstarch can also be used for grease and oil stains. Sprinkle a generous amount of cornstarch over the stained area and allow it to sit and soak up the grease or oil. Wait for a couple of hours, then vacuum up the residue.   


That glass of red wine that lands on your prized rug doesn't have to leave you feeling defeated. Before the stain dries, pour some white wine on to dilute the intensity of the dark red hue. Remove as much as possible using a clean towel, and then sponge cold water onto the spot scrubbing and removing as much of the wine as possible. When you've got as much up as you can, sprinkle a generous layer of salt on top of the wet area and leave it to sit. After 10 minutes or so, vacuum the salt residue up.

Shaving Cream

For fruit juice stains on your carpet or rug, try shaving cream. Soak up the juice with a towel, then use a wet sponge to wipe as much of the juice up as possible. Squirt a ball of shaving cream over the area, rubbing it gently into the stain with your fingers, then wipe up with a clean damp sponge.  You can use shaving cream for grease and oil stains, too. Squirt a ball over the stain and work it in using your fingers. Allow the shaving foam to dry then rub off the residue with a soft, damp cloth.

If you have no luck removing the stain using any of the above ideas and you've also tried specialist solutions, the next point of call should be a professional cleaning service. Rug cleaners will be able to deal with more intense stains and give your rug a thorough overhaul. While not as cheap as the above solutions, it will be cheaper than replacing your prized rug.