Advantages of Opting To Outsource Commercial Cleaning Services

9 June 2016
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When you open a new business, it is easy to assume that retaining your own cleaning staff would be the most economical option for you. However, when you consider the workload as well as the extra costs attached to your budget, you will see that it may not be strategic to hire an in-house cleaning staff. This is especially true for new businesses that are trying to keep their operational costs low in an attempt to increase their bottom line. The following are some of the advantages of opting to outsource your commercial cleaning services. 

Convenience of scalability 

One of the greatest advantages of outsourcing commercial cleaning services is the scalability that they offer you. With commercial cleaning services, you get the flexibility to adjust the cleaning schedule in accordance to your needs as well as your budget. For instance if budgets are tight during one month, you may opt to scale down the number of times the commercial cleaning services pay a visit to your office premises. On the other hand, you could also choose what services you would like on one occasion and increase or reduce the cleaning tasks dependent on your needs as well as current budget. Having this convenience of scalability ensures that you can seek commercial cleaning services only when you need and can afford them, rather than having them on a daily basis. 

Provision of specialty cleaning services

When you have in-house cleaning staff, chances are they will be trained for conventional office cleaning such as ensuring surfaces are free from grime, carpet cleaning and the like. If you require specialty-cleaning services such as window cleaning and office sterilization, you would have to enlist additional cleaning services. This can incur significant costs for your business over time as essentially you will be paying for two types of cleaning services. When you choose to exclusively outsource your cleaning services, you can rest assured that all your cleaning needs will be met, including specialty-cleaning services, from one provider. 

Reduction in operational costs

When you opt to have in-house cleaning staff, you are not simply paying for cleaning services. Since these are company employees, they will have to be on payroll. As such, you would also have to provide additional benefits such as sick leave, vacation time, medical insurance and more. Additionally, you would also have to take on operational costs for the cleaning such as investing in equipment and regularly replenishing cleaning supplies. Outsourcing your commercial cleaning offsets all these other costs, as are you are only paying for the service since the staff is employed by the cleaning company.