Three Important Precautions for Home Carpet Cleaning

13 January 2017
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A good carpet will enhance the design of your interior space by acting like an accent piece. The rug will also improve your general comfort by covering the cold flooring surface. In general, the carpet is designed to give the consumer prolonged service after purchase. However, the performance and lifespan will depend on the cleaning practices upheld by the user. In ideal circumstances, the carpet should be washed by professional cleaners to ensure longevity and optimal cleanliness. However, you can also perform the cleaning tasks at home with the right supplies and equipment. If you decide on DIY cleaning, here are some precautions to remember for the best results.

Test Your Cleaning Product

There are numerous cleaning products in the general market which are suitable for carpet cleaning. Moreover, you can make your own cleaning supplies using common household products such as baking soda and vinegar. All these options are effective to different degrees, and your choice will determine the results achieved during cleaning. On the other hand, carpets are not homogeneous, so they might not be compatible with all products. In simple terms, some cleaning agents might cause your carpet to sustain permanent damage. Therefore, you should test every new cleaning agent before using it for thorough washing. Basically, use a small amount of the cleaner on an inconspicuous part of the carpet. If the floor covering does not change adversely, you can proceed with general cleaning.

Rinse the Rug Thoroughly

The process of cleaning the carpet is relatively difficult and time-consuming, particularly for someone without prior experience in the task. Therefore, many individuals tend to stop the cleaning procedure after the stains and dirt come out of the surface. However, this phase should not be the end of the work. It is crucial for you to make sure that the carpet is rinsed properly. This will remove the detergent residue and other cleaning agents clinging to the fibres. If you leave the floor covering with this scum, the fibres will become matted. This will lead to the loss of aesthetic appeal and general deterioration of the entire carpet.

Allow the Fibre to Dry

Finally, you should make certain that the carpet is completely dry before resuming usage. The duration that you should allow for this will depend on the cleaning method selected. For example, shampooing the carpet requires extensive drying time compared to dry foam vacuuming. If the rug retains some moisture, the fibres are likely to support fungal growth, and the covering might get dirty faster.