4 Things to Check For Before Hiring an Ideal Ironing Service Provider

27 July 2018
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When you work six or seven days a week, you may hardly ever get time to rest, let alone do your laundry. That is why it is very important to have a reliable and trusted laundry service. But what if they do not offer ironing services? Worse still, what if your already ironed clothes get wrinkled before you have to wear them? You may need to look for an ironing service provider who can straighten your clothes before you need to wear them. Below are some of the things to check for before hiring ironing services.


Some iron service providers have one standard price for all regular clothing items. These include shirts, pants and skirts. However, the price may change when it comes to ironing bed sheets or curtains. Some other ironing services will have a different price per item. Calculate to see which rates are more friendly for you, and go with them.

Minimum order

Unfortunately, some ironing service providers will turn you down when you do not have the minimum number of clothes they take. For example if you have two shirts and a pair of pants, yet they only take five clothing items and above, you may end up stranded. However, as more ironing service providers are cropping up, this bridge is slowly being closed. You can comfortably get an ironing service that will iron even one shirt.


Avoid ironing services that are far away so as not to inconvenience yourself. This is especially applicable if you choose to pick up your clothes on your way home. If you had taken in a large batch of clothes to the ironing service provider, you may not be able to carry all the clothes without creasing them up. Therefore, choose an ironing service provider who is close to your home so that if you need to take several rounds to get all the clothes, then it will not be such trouble.


Unless the ironing service is just outside your door, you should always go for a service provider who also offers delivery. Although you may have to pay extra in some cases, it is an easier option. The service providers know how to carry the clothes without causing any creasing. They can also deliver them to a different place in case you are not staying at your house. An ironing service that delivers is also very convenient when you want them to take more clothes for ironing. You will not have to make the double trips.