How to Choose a Dry Cleaning Company

11 November 2018
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If you are too busy to do your laundry, then you should consider dry cleaning services. In Australia, many companies offer dry cleaning services. However, you have to be very careful when choosing a dry cleaning company as you want your laundry done professionally. Below are a few considerations you should make.


Companies that have years of experience in the laundry business know how to handle different types of fabric. Also, they are likely to provide high-quality service as they have advanced cleaning, straightening and stain removal equipment.  


Dry cleaning delivery and dry cleaning pick up are services you should ask about while evaluating various dry cleaning service companies. If you have a busy schedule, pickup and delivery services offer you a lot of convenience as you do not have to visit the dry cleaner's premises to get your laundry done. Ensure that the pickup and delivery are timely.


Since you have no control over what happens to your clothes once they are at the dry cleaner's, it is essential that you inquire about their operations. Critical questions you should ask include:

  • What detergents are used to clean the clothes?
  • Are the clothes hand pressed or machine pressed?
  • Where are the clothes washed? Some dry cleaners have many pickup points, but the clothes are cleaned at a central point..
  • After how long should you pick up or receive your clothes? 

Green dry cleaning

People are increasingly concerned about the environment. As such, you may choose to inquire what measures the dry cleaning company has in place to preserve the environment. For instance, some companies adopt wet cleaning. This is a practice that reduces environmental pollution by using mild detergents. Others use liquid carbon dioxide instead of water. 

Damage policy

Sometimes the dry cleaning company may damage your clothes during cleaning. Your clothes may also get lost due to human error. The company you choose should offer compensation if such mistakes happen. 

Level of professionalism

The dry cleaning service you choose should exhibit high levels of professionalism. The company website should be informative, appealing and easy to navigate. Companies with 24-hour customer service and courteous receptionists are better suited to handle your laundry. 


Costs are an important consideration as you will take your clothes regularly for cleaning. Nonetheless, ensure that you receive high-quality service.

The primary considerations when choosing a dry cleaning company are reputation, experience, operations, damage policy, nature of cleaning, professionalism and costs.