Do You Need to Leave Your Home When You Have Asbestos Removed?

28 March 2019
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If you're due to have some asbestos removed from your home, then you may have arranged to have the asbestos disposed of professionally. You know that this is a dangerous substance and you don't want to take any risks.

However, you may not be sure whether you need to leave the house while the asbestos is being removed or whether it'll be safe to stay in the property. What do you need to know?

Where Is the Asbestos?

If the asbestos you need to have removed is outside of your home, then you may not need to leave the house. For example, if you're having an asbestos-containing shed, outbuilding or fence removed, then you'll probably be OK indoors.

You should, however, take some steps to protect yourself. You and your family should stay indoors during the removal process. You should also make sure that all your windows and doors stay closed until the asbestos has been removed. This prevents airborne particles from getting inside your home.

How Much Asbestos Is Being Removed?

If you only have a small amount of asbestos to be removed, then you may be able to stay at home safely. Your asbestos removal company will take steps to make the area around the asbestos safe and secure. However, you should stay out the room or area that contains the asbestos until you're told it is safe to be in there.

If you're having a lot of asbestos removed from a large area, say from your roof, then it may be better if you leave until the job is complete. Larger areas of asbestos that need to be broken up and taken down may spread particles into other areas of your home.

Your removal company will clean things up before they leave; however, you may not want to be around while the work is being done, especially if you have children or pets around.

The condition of the asbestos may also impact on whether it is safe to stay at home. If the asbestos is contained in sheets and is in a reasonable condition, then there is less risk of you being exposed to its fibres. If it is breaking up and is in more of a fragile state, then the risk increases.

If you aren't sure what to do, ask your asbestos removal specialist for advice. They can tell you if you can safely stay at home or whether it might be better to pop out for a few hours until the asbestos is gone and they've cleaned up.