Two tips for boutique owners who will be hiring retail cleaners

30 September 2019
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If you feel that the boutique you run could benefit from being cleaned by professionals who provide retail cleaning services, you should keep the advice offered here in mind.

Choose retail cleaning staff that have previous experience of working in clothes shops

Ideally, you should aim to use the cleaning services of professionals with previous experience working in clothing shops. The reason for this is as follows: there are certain products and techniques that should and should not be used in this specific type of retail environment. A person who has cleaned several other clothing shops will already have this information and will, therefore, be a lot less prone to making errors when cleaning that might damage the accessories and garments that are displayed in your shop. This is important, as errors like this might leave you stressed and require you to pay more out-of-pocket.

For example, someone who has cleaned retail premises that sell clothing will understand how risky it is to sanitise a shop like this with bleach and will only use this product sparingly and with great care. The reason for this is that if a cleaner were to spritz bleach liberally on the floor beside a rail full of clothing, they could accidentally spray the garments with this chemical. The bleach could leave permanent spots of discolouration on these items, that would render them unsalable. Likewise, a cleaner with past experience of working in boutiques would know not to leave a mop bucket filled with dirty, sudsy water, near the clothing, as if this bucket were knocked over by someone, it could saturate the clothes with this water and ruin them.

Stipulate that the cleaners turn on all of the overhead lights and inspect the floor before hoovering it

If you sell small accessories such as hair clips, jewellery and key rings in your boutique, then you should stipulate that the cleaners sent by the cleaning service business turn on all of the overhead lights and inspect the floor of your boutique before they hoover it.

Customers pick up these small items to look at them, and they may not always put them back where they are supposed to be stored. Instead, they may toss them onto the nearest shelf in a careless manner, which may then result in these items toppling off these shelves and onto the floor. If your cleaners cannot see the floors clearly, because some of the overhead lights have not been switched on, or if they do not inspect the floor prior to hoovering it, their hoover might pick up these items.

This could lead to the accessories getting stuck inside the hose (in which case you might have to cut it open to retrieve the lost accessory and then replace this component) or being sucked into the hoover bag, which may then result in the cleaner having to spend a lot of time dismantling the hoover and pulling the item out of this bag.

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