Three Indispensable Guidelines for Effective Carpet Steam Cleaning

27 January 2022
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If your carpet has lost its initial appeal due to dust and grime, you should consider steam cleaning. This washing method uses heated water to remove the trapped dirt in the carpet fibres, allowing the material to regain its original lustre and fluffiness. Also, the steam is beneficial for disinfection and eliminating allergens from the house. Additionally, the carpet will dry fast due to evaporation. However, you should note that the effectiveness of steam cleaning will depend on your skills. If you would like to handle this work without using professional services, consider these crucial guidelines for a good outcome.

Vacuum Your Carpet

Steam cleaners are powerful machines, but they should not be used on carpets with fur, hair and other forms of debris. If you begin washing without vacuuming, these materials are likely to cause inefficiencies in the steam cleaner. Moreover, a clog could occur as the debris accumulates. Therefore, use your vacuum to remove the particles on your carpet first. If possible, vacuum in both directions of the carpet. This process will loosen up the carpet fibres. Consequently, the water from the steam cleaner will penetrate more effectively.

Choose Your Detergent

The use of hot water from the steam cleaner eliminates the need for a special detergent for your carpet. However, you can improve the texture of the fibres and deodorise your carpet by choosing a simple detergent. In most cases, your regular laundry soap will work as an effective carpet cleaning agent. You can also purchase a carpet shampoo or use dishwashing liquid. However, if you would like to keep your home scent-free, you can skip detergents and use vinegar. Take note that stained carpets can be difficult to restore. If you have noticed this problem, use a pretreating product before steam cleaning.

Steam in Sections

Haphazard carpet cleaning can lead to unsatisfactory results. Therefore, when you are steam cleaning, do so in sections to maximise your efficiency. In general, ensure that the steaming process begins from the farthest corner of the room. Your goal should be to work backwards so that you do not step in the sections already cleaned. Also, do not handle the steam cleaner like a vacuum and use short and quick movements. Instead, focus on running the machines over a long line. Moreover, allow enough time for the equipment to wash through the fibres. When moving on to the next line or section, make sure that there is an overlap to avoid leaving dirty gaps. Finally, allow the carpet to dry completely before use. 

For more information about carpet steam cleaning, contact a professional.